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How i lose 16 kilogram thanks to my favorite dress

4 months later, I had no extra pounds.

I lost 16 kg in 8 weeks. That was easy!
Evgeniya K.:«My dream to get rid of excess weight has become a reality».
I've always wanted to have a normal weight. I must say that my height is 158 cm and my weight has always fluctuated from 61 kg to 73 kg. It is light weight, but for my height, even 65 kg were appreciable. Thighs, abdomen, arms - deposits of fat was everywhere.
I was afraid to admit that I'm fat. I have read and studied everything about losing weight, I followed all directions. Excess fat is left for a long time, but came back very quickly. I am resigned to the fact that losing weight - it's just a dream.

I looked at the slender friends and envied. But how to lose weight, how to get rid of excess fat, then I did not knew. Sometimes it seemed that everyone was looking at me and say, "What she's fat." I stopped going to the beach with her husband. One day I looked in my wardrobe and was horrified. I do not have any tight fitting dress that I could wear it. Sometimes I was trying on her favorite black dress, but it is not buttoned on me. I was very upset. And you would not be upset? I have just admitted to myself that I'm really fat!


I decided to lose weight

I am determined to lose weight. I started looking for different ways to lose weight. I tried many of them. As a result: a month grueling diets, minus 1 kg and a complete breakdown. I had not the energy to work and to pay attention to her husband and children.

I could not understand in what way to lose weight

I could not understand the reason and then I called a friend, a physical therapist. She asked me only 3 questions:
• Do you really want to lose weight? «Yes»
• Are you ready to see yourself slim? «Yes»
• Do you really want to get rid of fat around the waist and hips?«Yes»
I have all the questions answered in the affirmative «Yes». «Then order the β-protect. This is a unique new complex. I've lost weight. Try it and see how quickly everything changed.
In just 4 weeks you lose weight by 7-10 kilograms. But watch out for the lost weight. Try to lose weight no more than one kilogram per day. β-protect - this is a very effective drug».

Inexcusable delay

I just forgot about the council friend. When we met with a friend, she exclaimed: «Why are you wasting your time! There is a guaranteed way to help you. Order a β-protect immediately. I've lost weight, and you're wasting your time».

My dear man

Again, there were worries, household chores. Once again, I forgot about the experience of a friend. Summer is coming, and soon we could go to the beach. My husband convinced me to make another attempt. «Can you doubt it - but I'm sure this is what you need. Laboratory of Clinical Immunology - a solid firm. You will do it and you lose weight. I now regret that I did not do so immediately.

How to get β-protect for weight loss

I just phoned 044 581 01 45 45and ordered the drug by mail. Also, in the Laboratory of Clinical Immunology told me the important information. β-protect to lose weight - it is 100% natural product and β-protect for weight loss is warranted. If I am dissatisfied with the result, then returns the total price of the order. I do not doubt, and immediately began to lose weight. It was very easy - take the drug 10 minutes before eating and lose weight. Within 4 days I lost 4.5 kg. It was an extraordinary feeling. My weight started to melt. My husband was happy with me.

Favorite dress

We received an invitation to a party from our old friends. And then I remembered my favorite black dress. Within 30 days, every day I tried on this dress. I lost one kilogram per day, and saw the result. I quickly returned to her size. For seven days I lost five kg and became for two sizes too small. Lose weight was so easy. I lost weight and was happy that soon I will be able to wear my favorite dress.

A dream has come true

I am happy that I took advantage of β-protect and has lost 16 kg by 8 weeks. I could not believe it. And here I am at a party in her favorite dress. At first I did not want to share my little secret, but the friends asked me very much. And then I decided to tell all about a unique set for weight loss.
β-protect has helped me lose weight and I'm sure it will help you.
Today I have a good figure and good health. The result is that now I weigh 52 kg. I lost 16 kg, decreased the amount of hip, waist is 58 cm.
It's important. Do not lose weight too quickly. Make sure that the day was spent not more than one kilogram. If you lose weight too quickly - it is necessary to reduce the amount of the drug.
Unbelievable! My dream has come true! I'm happy!
Evgeniya K.»
I give the right of the Laboratory of Clinical Immunology publish my story and photos.


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