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The best way to lose weight – to fall in love

I lost 8 kg in 3 weeks. I am the Queen!

Well-fed childhood

Marina K.: «I was the first grandchild for the grandparents. Welcome and loved. They have spoiled my whole childhood. I had the best toys, imported clothes, and the most delicious food. But all this was so much. Results can be seen on my face. My cheeks were like a hamster cheeks. I look plump in all the children's photographs. Of course, the little girl is not particularly spoiled. But it has shaped my teenage look. I've always been plump.

Excess weight

I had a lot of different advantages. I had a great student, I have a great sense of humor, and I have many friends. But I had one big drawback. I was huge and fat. It was the obvious fact. It seemed to me that my extra weight to notice everything. In the 16 years I have weighed 68 Kg. Every year my weight has increased. When I graduated from university, I weighed 74 kilograms. At first I was just dense, plump and well-fed. Then everything became clear. It makes no sense to seek out soft expressions. I'm fat. I was hard to live with being overweight. It was hard to pick up clothes, difficulty walking. Frankly, I did not have the strength and desire to fight against overweight. In principle, I am happy with everything in life.

The desire to lose weight

Of course, I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to do it fast. I started a diet. I felt that I did not eat. I always felt hungry. On the second day I was checking my weight. Weight was reduced on 300 grams. However, for my weight, which was 74 kilograms, it was slightly. I was upset, and began eaten off. Excess weight decreased very slowly. However, those extra kilograms once again come back to me very quickly. I am involved in sports. I thought that I would go to the sports activities three times a week. Went once, and the second time too lazy and did not go. Then I decided that would be enough to go to sporting activities twice a week. Then, I stopped going to the sporting activities.

Obvious result

I used different drugs for weight loss, creams, slimming shorts. I tried everything.

One day came a time that I was tired of all this. I have made great efforts. But the results were negligible. I accepted myself for who I am. I reconciled with my 74 Kg.

I fell in love

And now, to our company came a new employee. Ivan was only three years older than me. He was a handsome, intelligent and with a stunning smile. Of course, I fell in love with him. When he entered the office, my heart sank. I was embarrassed and blushing. Fortunately, we soon became friends with Ivan. We went together for dinner, the movies. Even once went to rest. We approached each other. He played the guitar and I sang. He was planning a party, and I organized a team. But he had not seen the woman in me.

She's wonderful, but the plump

Incidentally, I heard him talking with his friend Dennis. Ivan said that he could not find his perfect woman. He said that the Marina is wonderful, but… I did not hear the whole conversation. I went home and looked at myself in the mirror. I am tall brunette with perfect hair and big beautiful eyes. These are my advantages. Fat body was my lack. I had a double chin and the shoulders are too bulky. I did not have a waist and hips were very large. Am I able to give up his happiness for the sake of his body?

I would not be able to forgive myself for this.

β -protect for weight loss

Near the mirror I saw a jar. On it was written - β -protect.

What is this? - I asked my mother.

It is a gift for you. This is a new, very unusual drug for weight loss. It is here for two weeks, but you do not notice anything around. Are you in love?

I burst into tears and told mother everything: about Ivan, about our friendship and about conversation that I heard.

An easy way

Mom laughed and said: - Is this a problem? You need a month to become queen. I got rid of 8 kilograms in three weeks. Do you really want to lose weight?

 - Yes, but I want to lose 16 kilograms.

- Begin taking the drug immediately, your slimness depends on your decision.

I am very well imagining how I want to look. I want to wear high-heeled boots, short skirt, to have long hair and perfect figure. I am slim. Of course, I have never been so looked. But I needed it.

I decided to lose weight at any cost. I want to lose weight. I want to like him.

I took a vacation for two weeks, turned off the phone and started taking the course β -protect for weight loss.

1 kg for a day

This unique product acted! Every day I step on to the scale and could not believe what is happening. Almost every day I lost weight by 1 kilogram. Every minute I'm getting thinner. I felt a lot of energy. I had a desire to go to the gym. By the end second week I lost 6 kg. For the first time in my life I have noticed that men look back at me, and the women looked away. Vacation is over. I was very glad. Thanks to β -protect I lost 8 kilograms.

I am the Queen

I wore high-heeled boots, short skirt and went to work. When I walked into the office all amazed. This is exactly the reaction I was expecting. In the corridor I saw Ivan. He smiled. And I saw that his heart sank. I was sure that he has found his perfect woman».

They were married three months later. Marina is happy to share with you her women's secret. Book a β -protect now by phone


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