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Сafé Minсeur Forte

29 eur.
The ingredients in the product "Сafé Minсeur Forte" create conditions necessary for lowering the blood sugar levels which makes the body use fat reserves for receiving energy. Simultaneously with this process occurs the suppression of appetite and hunger which in this case acts as one of the most important conditions for weight loss. Contained caffeine amplifies and regulates the excitation processes of the cerebral cortex resulting in increased physical and mental activity and also the acceleration of the exchanging processes of the body.
The composition of Сafé Minсeur Forte includes:
Instant Coffee for losing weight
Stimulates the metabolism which promotes weight loss; suppresses appetite, slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and lipids thereby reducing incoming calories; it tones the work of the body; enhances mental and physical activity.
Green tea extract
Stimulates metabolism; positively effects the digestive process; lowers blood cholesterol; slows the aging process; strengthens the immune system.
Highly concentrated extract of green tea is used in "CAFE Minseur Forte" which is ten times more effective than regular tea. It is thanks to the unique technology of tea leaves processing, all the valuable macro and micro elements in "CAFE Minseur Forte" are retained. They make the green tea extract the most effective means to cleanse the body and fight obesity. It has long been known and widely used the ability of green tea to slow the digestion of carbohydrates and lipids thereby reducing the quantity of consumed calories and accelerating the metabolism and process of fats output by stimulating enzymes. The influence of the tea improves the mental activity and increases the ability to process and assimilate information. The biological effect of green tea is caused by a complex of active substances contained in it. Green tea promotes better retention and more intensive exchange of vitamin C. It also has a clear choleric action.
The composition of the coffee "CAFE Minseur Forte":
Instant coffee - 93%; green tea extract — 7%.
Nutritional information per 100 g of dry product — 349 kcal
Coffee Mincer Forte mode of use: a continental bag per glass of boiling water. You can add skimmed milk and sugar. Drink coffee like you are used to, but not less than 1-2 cups a day. Side effects: not identified. Precautions: children up to 16 years; adults over 60 years old; pregnant and lactating women; heart diseases; high blood pressure; severe hormonal diseases; intolerance of components. Store in a cool dry place.
Net Weight 28 gr. Packaging: 14 bags of 2 g

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